Aspiring to Improve A.R.T. Outcomes
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"The ultimate goal of IVF is to achieve healthy single live births following each single embryo transfer."

Jacques Cohen, et. al. RBM Online (2012) 25, 585

What the Patient Seeks
The patient is looking for the best outcome - a live birth. The patient wants a process that is:
  • Safe
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Predictable
  • Reliable
So how can this be achieved? Through Standardization, Innovation and Education.
The Reality of the A.R.T. Process

There is high variability from country to country and clinic to clinic. The number of variables encountered throughout the complete Artificial Reproductive Technology (A.R.T.) process is tremendous as each individual A.R.T. process has its own set of variables. Everything from technique to equipment to procedures to laboratory environment to staff training needs to be considered. The amount of variability increases exponentially with the number of processes.

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